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As a vehicle owner, you may experience that stone chips and glass repair are part of life. Unfortunately, Windshields get chipped and cracked all the time. Also, the chipped glass obscures the vision. During bad weather conditions, the damaged windshield cause extremely dangerous to driving. Some of the damages need a simple repair. Nevertheless, they might be minor, anyhow they quickly develop if pressure is placed. As you know, pressure can form from various sources.

A short time ago, a crack repair or a chip repair in your windshield would mean a certain replacement. These days, with advanced technology, most windshields can be preserved, and the crack or chip is repaired almost perfectly. Obviously, this saves you time and money- and keeps us driving safely with clean and clear windshields.

Are you searching for a Chip Repair/ Crack Repair/ Auto Glass Replacement/Auto Glass Repair/Windshield Replacement/Windshield Repair for your vehicle in the Vaughan area? Then Auto Glass Canada Vaughan is the right choice for your needs. Our Auto glass Vaughan specialists know that a clean and clear windshield is of utmost vital for driving safely. And most of us take decisions based on a clear view of what’s ahead on the road. Our experts use a special technique that repairs crack up to 6 inches in length. The specially formulated resin-hot diamond gel makes your vehicle crack to blemish free and unseen.

If you are thinking that your windshield needs to be replaced, then Just give a call to Auto Glass Vaughan. We are ready to undertake all kinds of Windshield Replacment and Auto Glass Replacement for any Vehicle in the Vaughan area. We are charging affordable rates and at all times we are using the best quality glass material for the Replacement which perfectly suits your vehicle. Also, we are providing free mobile services. If you are unable to visit our shop in Vaughan, just give a call Auto Glass Vaughan. Our experienced technicians will estimate free, quickly and do the necessary replacement works as possible. Unquestionably you will be proud of our genuine works.


Are you searching for a quality place for crack windows repair and crack auto glass repair? Then, Auto Glass Vaughan is the best choice in the Vaughan area. We are ready to supply professional services with extraordinary quality to fix your car’s glass. We guarantee efficient and reliable services whether the small scratch or a shattered windscreen. We generally repair cracked windows and crack auto glass up to 6 inches long with specially formulated resin- hot diamond gel- which makes your crack repair almost blemish free and nearly impossible to see. Our trained technicians consider all your requirement from start to finish. Each and every customer are a priority to us. Just be relaxed and rest assured that your car will be returned as good as new within a short time.


If you think about driving safely then you cannot neglect the damage to the side and rear glasses. To fix the damage, the best choice is Auto Glass Vaughan. First, we carry out a thorough inspection then we do the necessary work, and once the work is finished we again ensure that all fixed properly. Because your safety is prominent to us. Now you really have no reasons for delaying getting your auto glass fixed…come to Auto Glass Vaughan for a Stress-free Auto Glass Repair/ Auto GlassReplacement, from start to finish…and keep driving safe!


If you are thinking that your windshield needs to be repaired rather than replaced, then Just give a call to Auto Glass Vaughan. Generally, we quickly finished the Chip repair or Crack repair in minimal time to keep you away from an expensive replacement. Anyhow, if the damage is considerably large then replacement is the safest option. Our Auto Glass Vaughan specialists possess specialized skills for the perfect Windshield Replacement. We are the number one service center in the Vaughan area to provide you with high-quality professional services that give you satisfaction with our work.


If you call us, we will send the nearest team to your doorstep – ready to help with the damage! Most windshield repairs take as little as half an hour. Replacements too can be done in an hour when carried out by experts. Once this is done, just ensure that you rest your vehicle till the adhesive dries completely, and you’re all set to go. Now you don’t need to waste valuable time and effort- and you don’t need to compromise on your safety, either. Get your vehicle seen at the earliest. Call the Auto Glass Vaughan team today for a no-obligation quote.

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Auto Glass and Windsield Repair/ Replacement

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When the Auto Glass Canada team declares that crack repairs are their specialty, they aren’t joking! After they finished their work on our vehicle, it was almost impossible to see the cracks.

Recently we approached another company to fix the small chip. Without any thorough analysis, they put their machine on the chip and it spread to 6”. They told to me that because of the nature of the chip this may be happening and windshield replacement is the only alternative. While their rate for the chip repair seemed very reasonable, the quote for the replacement turned out to be unreasonable. Now I understood they applied pressure with their machine to turn the chip into a crack so that they could charge me these fancy rates for a windshield replacement!

But we had a good experience with Auto Glass Vaughan. I was told what I could expect, and they were transparent about rates and time. The crack repair was so good we almost couldn’t believe it ourselves. They also told me that if I wasn’t satisfied I could get back to them within 7 days, and they would refund the cost of the labor which could be adjusted against a replacement if I wanted it. My windshield is still in great shape! Thank you, Auto Glass Canada Vaughan.

- Michael Quinn

Auto Glass and Windsield Repair/ Replacement Auto Glass and Windsield Repair/ Replacement Auto Glass and Windsield Repair/ Replacement